School Evaluation and Improvement

We are  continuously working with pupils, parents, staff, partners and our community to evaluate our school and plan for improvements going forward.  Please click on the titles below to view documents for further information on this.

Standards and Quality Report 2014-15

This draws on our self-evaluation throughout the year and sets out our achievements as well as, identifying areas which we will aim to improve over the coming years.

School Improvement Plan 2014-17

This is a 3 year strategic plan that explains in more detail what we intend to improve over the coming years and how we will meet the priorities set as well as, the impact we expect this to have on our school as a whole and ultimately on the children’s achievement, attainment and well-being.


Our most recent inspection findings for our cluster school, Marybank Primary, were published on 1st September 2015.  This can be viewed at by clicking here: Marybank Inspection Report 2015

The most recent inspection finding for Strathgarve Primary were published on 22nd December 2009.  They can be viewed by clicking here: Strathgarve Inspection Report 2009