Pupil Council

Term 3/4

The whole class studied ‘Famous Artists’ in term 3. Every week we wrote facts and painted in the style of a ‘Famous Artist’.

The pupil council have organised an exhibition for family and friends in order to showcase the Strathgarve Talent.

There will be drinks and nibbles!

Term 2 2017/18 Update

We will make a list of Christmas Craft ideas.

We will decide what will sell well.

We will make a list of what we need to make these crafts.

We will decide on a small budget.


Term 1 2017/18

Pupil Council will continue with the same committee members.

Pupil Council Meeting – Tuesday 26th September 2017

Today’s Agenda: What Is Working/ What Needs Attention

Working:     – maths because of all the different games

                     – reading the time chronicles because all of the characters are grown up

– castles was one of the best topics because we got to make a castle

– rewards like marbles because you get rewarded for a big effort

– celebrating success because you choose by yourself what you’re good at

– seesaw- it’s easy to use and we can show our parents our work

Attention:  – In term 2 we want to make Christmas Crafts to sell at the concert. We                             want to put some of the money to charity and some to the school funds.

– we need to make a list of ideas and work out how much they will cost to                         make.


Pupil Council Meeting – Wednesday 5th April 2017

Today’s Agenda: How To Improve Our School

-Use the School garden more (try and join this up with renewal of our green flag)

  • Weed the raised beds
  • Plant wild flowers in one bed and food in the other
  • We will plant strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, potatoes and onions


Pupil Council Members for 2017